Mount Rigi: A Breathtaking Experience

Mount Rigi has a breathtaking panoramic view across the Swiss Alps. It falls under the Lake Lucerne region. Also known as the “Queen of the mountains” it’s about 5900 ft. above sea level. Getting to Mount Rigi was one of my most memorable journeys in this trip to Switzerland. I was worried about taking my… Continue reading Mount Rigi: A Breathtaking Experience

Buggy Ride in the Dry Mountains, UAE

Wadi’s of Ras Al Khaimah, Dibba, Fujairah Like most of you, I live in a concrete Jungle. I see, amidst the chaos, mammoth amalgamation of steel, cement & aggregate standing defiantly. Suddenly, these overbearing structures had started making me uncomfortable. Flats, staircases, elevators, offices, tunnels, cars, metro were making me claustrophobic. It was this urge… Continue reading Buggy Ride in the Dry Mountains, UAE