Gabrielle Chanel – Inside CHANEL : A source of Inspiration

A woman becomes a legend Gabrielle Chanel makes a triumphant return and impresses her style upon the world. Nearly half a century after her death, the style of CHANEL endures thanks to the genius of Karl Lagerfeld, who never ceases to cultivate, to reinvent, and to exalt its legacy. Published on Sep 19, 2013 by Chanel… Continue reading Gabrielle Chanel – Inside CHANEL : A source of Inspiration

Venice – The City Built On Water

You must have surely heard about Venice at some point in your life. As a child I used to hear people talking about the beautiful city of Romance. My fascination grew with this “Living Museum” and I watched all movies without fail that had Venice as its chosen location, wondering if i could ever make… Continue reading Venice – The City Built On Water

Geneva – The City of Peace

  Geneva is one of the most populated cities in Switzerland. Known as the financial capital of the country, it is also home to the world of fashion, art, culture and numerous international organizations like the Headquarters of United Nations and the Red Cross. I visited the city in early November, 2012 for 3 days… Continue reading Geneva – The City of Peace