Cooking Fun with KFood

Hello Friends,

Last weekend I did something different guess what? Cooked Korean Food. Yes! I was invited to a class organized by K Food & thought of sharing the experience with you all.


The cuisine is very simple and straight forward. One can easily jazz it up with Korean hot/tangy sauces and turn them into tasty dishes. This is what happened to the dish I prepared along with other fellow Foodies. The dish is called Bibimbap (it is originally a dish made from leftovers that were to be finished at the end of the lunar year for a fresh start to the new year). It is served with a bowl of warm white rice topped with cooked veges, gochujang, soy sauce and a fried egg and/or sliced meat.

Here is the home style recipe we learned at the KFood Cooking Class.

1)      Slice all ingredients to strips. (any amount you want) , Any veges you want . We used pumpkin, radish, carrot, mushroom and spinach, lettuce, bean sprout.




2)      Cook each ingredient separately until they become soft.

  1. Do not cook bean sprout and lettuce
  2. Add 1 tea spoon of sesame oil to mushroom when cooking

3)      Add a pinch of salt and 1 tea spoon of sesame oil to the cooked spinach.

4)      Place your rice in the dolsot. (If you don’t want it served hot, any bowl is fine)

5)      Arrange the cooked vegetables around.

6)      Place fried egg in the center.

7)      Mix with 1 spoon of gochujang (little if you don’t like spicy)




Korean dish is known for its healthy ingredients as the combination ensures that people get all the vital nutrients that they need.  I got some ingredients to try at home as well, Infact I am using the spicy sauce with practically everything from noodles to vegetables. You can also visit KFood Fair at JBR , Dubai on November 25-26 and explore more.



The Korean ingredients are easily available in grocery stores around Dubai . Here I am giving you a chance to win this box of Korean ingredients. In includes soy sauce, fish sauce, gochujang paste, gochugaru powder, seaweed layers, ginseng tea.


Simply follow the rules:

  • What’s the best dish you  made out of the previous day’s leftover Veggies?
  • Follow us at for a valid entry
  • Share the contest post

Good Luck!!

4 thoughts on “Cooking Fun with KFood

  1. I turned yesterday’s left over veggies into today’s feast for family/ friends, I roasted the vegetables in olive oil, added boiled pasta, with tomato/garlic sause, sprinkled grated cheese, and baked it in the oven until hot and bubbly .

  2. My wife always makes dishes from left over. The best one I liked was bread topped with veges from last night. It had mushrooms, capsicum, onion and garlic

  3. I turned yesterday’s left over veggies into today’s feast for family, I prepared plain rice and I added the veges on top of it and served it as a bowl size dish along wih bread and curry.

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