Adrenaline Rush with Wild Wadi

I love Dubai and the kind of offerings that this place has for everyone. For the last long weekend  I happened to visit Wild Wadi with friends and family and it was great fun. Wild Wadi in Dubai is situated in front of the magnificent stunning Burj Al Arab. If offers 30 rides and attractions. Learned on the day of visit that Wild Wadi is themed around the tale of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore.


I loved the Jumeirah Sceirah ride.It was crazy, scarier and amazing fun. With two tandem slides, guests first climb the 32 metres tower and enjoy a spectacular view of the entire waterpark. Once on top of the tower, two capsules await for two guests to ride on at the same time. It’s a must try it you are an adventurous person . Guests must be above 1.1 metres for most of the rides at Wild Wadi.

Another must try ride is Master Blasters. It’s a super water rollercoaster. Consist of a series of high-powered water jets with gravity defying rides that rocket  guest up to 15 metres above ground level .I loved this one, it was full of surprises and had no idea what to expect. I guess it’s the best not knowing how it’s going to be.

For kiddos the best is Juha’s Show and Lagoon. It’s an interactive play structure with 5 colourful slides for kids. We spent most of our time there with kids. Most of the families were loving this!.Beware of the large dumping bucket that soak the guests every 2 minutes but it’s good fun. Wave pool and lazy river is where kids can have fun too.

For the month of October Wild Wadi is open from 10.00 am to 6pm. No outside food is allowed but you will find many choices inside.

Cost for General Admission for 1.1 metres or above in height is AED 295 per person and below 1.1 metres in height AED 250 per person. Towel and Locker rental charges are separate.

JWD Rating 4/5


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