Travel Highlight: 5 days @Bali

Bali River Rafting: Bali river rafting or white water-rafting is an activity that you must to do while on your Bali vacation. Grab your oars and get ready to rage with this exhilarating rafting adventure on the spectacular Ayung River or the Telaga Waja River. It’s an emotionally enhancing experience in the backdrop of wild unspoiled rainforest, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces. Telaga Waja rafting is suitable for beginners, children and even the elderly because of easy access to the river and minimal walking. Ayung river rafting is suitable for those of you who love sports / adventure and are up for a bit more of an adrenalin rush.

1. River Rafting

Cocktail Evening at Double Six Rooftop: While I was staying at the Double Six Luxury Hotel at Seminyak, I happened to try the Double Six Rooftop for a Brazilian themed night. This hot spot has fire pits, floating pods, shiny teak floors and stunning views of the ocean. Guests can enjoy locally inspired cocktails while listening to international entertainment acts and relaxing in ‘floating’ pods or private areas while looking out to the sea. An exquisite place that offers unlimited sunset photo capturing moments. A must do!!

2. Double Six Rooftop (2)

2. Double Six Rooftop (4)

2. Double Six Rooftop (3)

Potato Head Beach Club: If you’re looking at dining and partying at one place, this is your answer. Located at Seminyak, the Potato Head Beach Club is one of the most happening venues in Bali. From the entrance, you will see its trademark towering feature, a patchwork of old and worn teakwood window shutters. It’s known to host various International DJ’s and events. The venue features a beachfront bar and a flat lawn by an infinity pool where you can soak yourself in the sun. There’s even a small pool for kids, so it also serves as a great escape for families. A few steps down from the pool, you hit the sandy coast. The main Potato Head bar and bistro serves pastas and grills, together with a selection of cocktails.

3. Patota Head Beach Club (3)

3. Patota Head Beach Club (1)

3. Patota Head Beach Club (2)

Uluwatu Temple: A magnificent location perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level, known to be one of the key temples among Bali’s spiritual pillars. The temple shares spectacular sunset backdrops with fabulous views of the Indian Ocean and showcases traditional Kecak dance. Certainly one of the top places on the island for sunset delight.  A small forest lies at the front and hundreds of monkeys dwell here. They are believed to guard the temple from bad influences. Make sure not to wear any glasses while you visit the temple and take care of your belongings as the monkeys are not unlikely to try and grab your things!

4. Ulluwatu Temple (1)

4. Ulluwatu Temple (2)

Dine at Tepan Noodle Restaurant: Tepan Noodle is located right on the beachfront of South Kuta Beach with dazzling views of Bali’s western coastline. Serenity, beauty, views and great food is on offer. This signature restaurant at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel serves a la carte Asian Cuisine & Noodle specialties, Teppanyaki, Sushi and Sashimi. The menu is extensive and they have some delectable Indonesian cuisine options for those who want to go local. They are known fondly for “Grilled Mahi-mahi steak in pandan leaf served with steamed rice and sambal”. They also serve some strawberry and apple flavored Sheesha. If you want to take your loved one on a dinner date, this restaurant is perfect. The hours will just pass by, while you enjoy the cool breeze by the seafront. Service, presentation, taste and of course the cocktails are all outstanding!!!


5. tepan restaurant (2)

5. tepan restaurant (3)

5. tepan restaurant (4)

5. tepan restaurant (1)

Acqua Perla Spa: If you’re looking for some couple time out, you’ll love this Spa, located at Double Six Luxury Hotel at Seminyak. The spa offers therapeutic treatments and serene surroundings. It creates a complete relaxation experience with pure and museum like interiors with a focus on holistic principles and selected quality spa and beauty care products. Each guest is encouraged to learn more about his or her own unique requirements for optimal health, well-being and vitality. We opted for a 90 minute couple massage and it was exceptional; the therapists were truly fantastic. You must try it out while in Seminyak.

6 AquaPeral Spa

Dine at Bene Italian Kitchen: This restaurant is another must-do while you’re at Bali, if you’d like to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine, served with an interesting selection of wine and some lovely low-light ambience. It’s even great for an early evening dinner as one can sit by the pool side or terrace and enjoy some great views along with the great food. This restaurant is known for its 100 pasta menu that will take you all the way back to Italy on a culinary journey where their Executive Chef, Rossano Renzelli, started to learn to cook from his grandmother from his teens to today. Generations of Italian pasta passion, right on your plate will enrich your dining experience.

7. Bene Italia (2)

7. Bene Italia (1)

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