Spa time with Conrad Dubai

Conrad Spa located on Sheikh Zayed road offers a perfect spa experience to Dubai residents and tourists. One can unwind in the calm atmosphere and enjoy the treatment at ease. The spa is equipped with 8 treatment rooms, 2 couple rooms, a relaxation lounge, Hammam Suite,hydro and relaxation pools.



I opted for a Deep tissue massage and let me tell you it was spectacular & the therapist was brilliant. The treatment is priced at AED 510 for 60 minutes.

This massage therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles. It has many benefits: it helps reduces chronic aches and pain, improves blood pressure, releases stress. This massage is also very helpful in case you have a stiff neck, lower back pain etc. Make sure you inform your therapist on any injuries or pain you have. Also ensure you drink enough water as the massage is designed to break up knots and adjust your muscles. They also release toxins from the muscles, which might make you feel fatigued or nauseated after the massage. Staying well hydrated by drinking water before and after the massage will help alleviate these symptoms.


It was my first time to experience this massage and felt bit uncomfortable in the start but eventually loved it after some time.


JWD Ratings

Massage: 5/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Facilities: 4/5




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