Organic goodness with Go Organic ME

For the month of Ramadan I decided to do something healthier. So after searching around the web and social media, found Go Organic ME and called them to know more about the products . After the call they sent me an email with the pre and post cleanse details that we should follow.

Here is how I started with the Pre cleansing:

*Started the morning with a Glass of warm water with lemon

*No Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Cold drinks

*Introduced fresh Farm fruits & vegetables from Go Organic

*No big dinner at Night

*And exercising

beauty shot


Go Organic offers various Cleanse options and Juice subscriptions packages. Over the course of 3 weeks I experienced all the cleanse options. I followed the schedule as below and repeated it for over 3 weeks.

Day 1 :2 Juices

Day 2: 6 Juices (Cleanse)

Day 3: 2 Juices

Day 4: 2 Juices

Day 5: 6 Juices (Cleanse)

Day 6 :2 Juices

They offer the below cleanse options and I will tell you briefly about each of them.


Refresh Cleanse: This cleanse includes Sweet Kale, Digestif, Citrus, Beet-a-licious, Young love and Cashew Milk. My favourite from this one is Beet-a-licious . This is very tasty liver tonic and spicy mix of beet, ginger, grapefruit, cucumber, orange, apple, and lemon. Even sweet kale juice is really nice , it betters brain function and digestive health.


Super Green Cleanse : This one helps  in weight loss, build immunity and make you feel lighter . This package is full of nature’s richest phytonutrients. A bit tough to do but it’s really helpful. Brimming with minerals and active enzymes, this is a 100% organic, nut-free program featuring six different and delicious green juices, with ingredients ranging from kale to dandelion greens, sweet and spicy green juice with apple and ginger, as well as superfood broccoli. The juices are named as Braniac, Dynamo, Gravity and Pure Green.

Beginners Low Glycemic  : This is a nutritional cleanse (HEALTH GAIN) designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore allow your body to focus on eliminating  toxins. Many people do lose weight, but you should consider it just a bonus side effect. If you are already slim and eating well you may not lose much weight. Others who are (even slightly) overweight and are transitioning from a highly processed, low-nutrient diet may lose a pound a day.

Ayurvedic Purify Cleanse: The juices included in the Go Organic ME Ayurvedic Cleanse are made with ingredients which are important to balance out the three doshas in your body. An important goal of Ayurveda is to calm a person’s ideal state of balance and offer interventions using diet, herbs and superfoods to reestablish balance. So they have the Vatta Juice which has the ingredients to balance the Vatta dosha, Pitta juice to balance the Pitta dosha and Kapha juice to balance the Kapha dosha.


From the Cleanse my very favourite has been the Ayurvedic Purify Cleanse and Refresh Cleanse . It was a great experience and I felt lighter and my skin started glowing by the end of the course. Totally recommend it!

Along with the Juices I also opted for once a week Farm fresh vegetables and fruits. They were delicious.




If you would like to order your subscriptions log on to and book on the options from daily to weekly to monthly. Till tomorrow they are offering 20% off .


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