Lavish Iftar with Tresind, Dubai!!!

Since the time I have moved to Dubai, Iftar & Suhoor have pretty much become a part of my culture as I spend lot of my time with Muslim friends. Every Ramadan we meet over sumptuous Iftars and Suhoors and I experience & feel the spirit of Ramadan. Last evening I got ready for an Iftaar Invite & met some of my friends at Tresind Dubai.

Tresind Dubai is enticing its guests with an exciting 5 course Iftar and Suhoor menu priced at AED 200 per person. The presentation at Tresind is very fancy and  made the offering look delicious.  Its commendable as to how they managed to make Iftar look so delectable. The offerings started with a well presented platter of Date candy, Meat fruit, Steamed edamame, fruit jar and highlight of this platter is Saffron and Almond Milk (delicious indeed)! Soon arrived the bubbly drink with fresh berries. We got some sides on the table Corn on the cob, Paneer, Creamed mushrooms, Tempura chili & Lamb kofta.



Chicken keema, Green chili zhug. Tempura Chilli needs a special mention. We opted for the vegeterain dishes and started with dahi ke kabab  and spicy mirch pakodas. Superb. Next came the choice of Roast Tajine as my friends choose for Tandoori prawns from the menu and they found it succulent. For Vegeterian’s arrived the Mushroom platter that was good too. After this course we had the Veg and Non Veg Biryani along with Raita and for curry we opted for Kofta curry and my friends opted for Lamb Nihari that was presented really well and was topped with some gold dust.








Well it didn’t end here as next came the Deconstructed Black forest cake . Here is how it looked.

Doesn’t it Look Amazing!!!

If you have a strong appetite this is one place you would love to try as the food is modern yet with a traditional touch. But this a lot of food and recommended for the ones with a strong appetite.

Timings 7pm to 3am. (Iftar and Suhoor respectively)

JWD ratings 4.5/5

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