Rainbow Milk #KarakChai Recipe is here!!!

The Rainbow Milk Team challenged me to go on a quest to find the best karak chai (tea) in town also called the #RainbowChaiQuest. As part of my quest I visited 5 teahouses and got some great tips to prepare the perfect karak (strong) chai.

Stop 1 : Highland Restaurant and Café located at Al Garhoud

It was well made and strong. I only wish instead of paper glass if they could serve the tea in small glasses like we get in india, the experience would have been reminiscent of my college days in Bombay. We call it the cutting chai in local lingo.


JWD Rating 4/5

Stop  2: After a lot of recommendations on social media my next stop was Raju Omlet located @ Karama.

It was wow. They definitely know what Karak is all about and they served in Mumbai style cutting chai. I had the tea along with the famous crush omlet they serve. It was a great blend.



JWD Rating 5/5

Stop 3: Filli Café known for Zafrani Tea Fame.

It was amazing. I have been Filli fan for their Zafrani tea and this time I had Karak Chai it was perfect to taste with distinctive flavours of cardamom and ginger. Hands down its the winner!!!


JWD Rating 5/5

Stop 4 : Castello Restaurant & Café located behind Jumeirah Plaza

This place is known for Arabic Food, Sheesha and Tea. It is one of the favorite joint to catch up with family and friends among Locals, Indians and Pakistanis. This time it was all about Karak Tea and it was great served hot . Strong and Flavorsome.


JWD Rating 4.5/5

Stop 5: Al Hara Cafeteria located in Karama

Final visit for the #RainbowChaiQuest was Al Hara known for many years for their Disco Chai and Karak Chai priced just at AED 1. They use Rainbow milk in all tea preparation. Well offcourse the tea was great simply karak.


 JWD Rating 4.5/5

Now the quest is over and today I came up with my own recipe. It’s a simple recipe that anyone of you can master.

  • Add a teaspoon of loose back tea to a cup of boiling water . Let it boil for 2 minutes
  • Add crushed cardamom (2 to 3 pods) &  fresh ginger and boil for a couple of minutes.
  • Add some milk to taste till the tea becomes creamy brown in colour.
  • After a minute add sugar to taste.
  • Let it boil for another 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Karak Chai is ready. Pour tea through strainer into a cup.
  • Enjoy it with some cookies.

#RainbowMilk #RainbowMilkUAE #RainbowChaiQuest @Rainbowmilkuae


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