Adventures in Dubai with Helidubai

A few weeks back, I got a chance to take the “Helidubai” trip. I had heard a lot about this awesome helicopter ride and finally got a chance to experience it. It’s currently located behind Dubai Festival Center Mall. One has to reach the site 45 mins before the departure with a valid emirates id or passport. While I was waiting, I happened to meet tourists from Morocco who were to join me for the ride. It was our first time and we were all super excited to start our adventure.



We had pre-booked  a 17 min palm tour. The helicopter departed from DFC and we witnessed the beauty of Ras Al Khor’s wild life sanctuary, the iconic Burj Khalifa, Business bay district center where one can get a closer look at world record holder structures like the tallest hotel JW Marriot Marquis, Emirates towers and the Dubai Mall. As the tour continued we were amazed by the breathtaking sites of the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis hotel. I had the most enjoyable time and definitely ask all my readers to go for it once in your lifetime.



Moreover expats should asks guests/tourists to take this memorable helicopter ride and they will love you for recommending it.

They offer many choices & you can check them out on

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