Waiwera : All the way from New Zealand

Hello Readers, I  recently tried a newly launched Water brand in UAE called Waiwera.

Waiwera Artesian Water, is the world’s leading water brand from New Zealand. Internationally renowned for its award-winning taste, impressive health qualities and iconic green bottle , it is 100% Halal and is drawn from one of the purest places on earth. I have been using it for a month and its really refreshing. Waiwera is known for its therapeutic and curative properties. I loved the packaging on the 350-500 ml PET Bottles and the overall look of the brand.  The quality is great and you do feel the difference from the rest of the water brands.

20160423_110445WAIWERA water bottles contains minuscule amounts of sodium which is healthy for the human body and helps cure kidney related issues. The water is rich in naturally occurring minerals,with analkaline pH and an optimal taste that perfectly complements food and wine.

20160427_080304I am going to stick to the Waivera for a while and lets see how it improves my health 🙂

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