Chak De Phatte at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Feel like treating yourself to a true Punjabi meal? I explored one yesterday at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor. They are running a Punjabi Food Festival called Chak De Phatte till the end of April. Kullad ka dudh, Allu ti tikki, Paav bhaji , Chaat counters at the entrance of the restaurant create a little cute Punjab feel to the place.


The special menu features Sigdi Tawa te tandoor: Bhatti ka Murg, Jalanderi Boti, Khade Masale ka Murg, Ambala ki Chops, Amritsari Macchi for non-vegetarians and vegetarians can enjoy the best of Punjab with Lassi ke Kebab (a unique dish indeed), Panner ke sholey, Laccha Aloo (truly delicious), Soya di Chaampey & Bharwan Mirchi Pakoda ( spicy and tasty).


Molecular Magic included the Mango Mouth Bustling spheres , I loved these. Pani puri was served as starters along with the mango spheres.

For main course offcourse they have the very famous Sarson da saag and Maki di Roti,  Langer wali dal, Kadi Pakoda and Sadey chawal, Chicken Curry and Dahbe da Gosht.

The menu is priced at AED 145 PP and its definitely worth a visit.

JWD Ratings: 4.5/5

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