Street Style with JWD

Street style/ casual in the UAE means very different things to different people. So JWD decided to take its own retro chic turn on casual wear.

Sporting this look in the perfect place, where one enjoys walking, sipping on some great coffee, grabbing a bite or just sitting down to read a book @Boxpark, for a foodie hop event called #fivebitesinabox. The venue allowed her to be comfy as well as trendy at the time. Attending a multi cuisine food event she had to bring in the flavours, a mix and match was the way to go.


Keeping it light, the look was dominated by a classic breathable uber comfortable yet totally street chic washed out denim dungaree. Adding a feminine flavour underneath the rugged denim is a print of brown/ black a lace like textured top, creating the perfect contrast. The completely apt ensemble put together from Jennifer, made a spot on casual look.

1461274795755 y

The shoes from Toms create a perfect balance of the neutral tone as well as texture complimenting the top precisely. The colour of the laces brilliantly highlight the harmony of the look.

20160421_140801 y

The off white sling handbag (Call it Spring) with a beige highlight almost completes the look quintessentially. Upon a closer view the finishing touch is the added detail of a printed Guess watch in the same colour palette as all the other accessories.

20160421_141208 y

Overall the combinations of colours are something one can never go wrong with. An excellent choice for a day look as its white, bright, light and totally right !


Denim Dungaree: Jennifer

Shoes: Toms

Watch: Guess

Handbag: Call it Spring

Contributed by Shivangi A Gandhi for JWD, The new fashion editor on board. Yes JWD is expanding 🙂



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