In Conversation with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

JWD: You are one of the most popular Chef, not just in India but all over the world .  So what’s your take on the current trend of fusion cuisine.

SK: Fusion has been there always. It’s not really a new thing. For growth, fusion is required. It makes food interesting .


JWD: Is cookery a science or an art?

SK: It is an art that uses science to create the magic.


JWD: Your advice for inspiring and budding Chefs.

SK: Stick to what you are good at. Follow your passion and the rest follows.


JWD: Please tell us about your journey to become  the great “Sanjeev Kapoor”. The secret behind your success.

SK: I love what I do. I am following my passion. There is no secret to success: Think ahead of time, do what you love and things will fall into place.


JWD: Some tips on making tasty healthier food

SK: Yes you can make tasty food healthier. Firstly use fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Secondly don’t refine too much. This will help cut down the fat.


JWD: How can a housewife use molecular gastronomy at home kitchen?

SK: (Laughs) They can use it once its available for home usage. It’s not like they can’t use it… once Liquid Nitrogen is sold in that way.. why not? Right now it’s not available in this form.


JWD: Tell me about the new menu that is launched at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor?

SK: Yes we have a new menu launching very soon at Signature Melia Hotel. It will showcase the Rich Indian tradition and modern progressive food.


JWD: Name a few of your favourite dishes/desserts.

SK: Well there are many. I am a foodie and difficult to choose that one dish. I have a sweet tooth but Gulab Jamun, & Mishti Doi are my personal favorite.


JWD: Any interesting future plan that you would like to share with your fans and followers?

SK: We are soon planning to launch Wonder Chef in Dubai.WonderChef markets Kitchen appliances, Cookware, Bakeware and exciting Tools & Accessories to health conscious people. All products are World-class and are developed across Italy, China, Korea, UK, Germany, Canada, USA amongst other countries. Today Wonderchef stands for top quality, reliability & services.

Soon we are also opening a new restaurant at Burjuman Mall. Looking forward to it.

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