Royal Cuisines of Awadh, Hyderabad and Rajasthan at Ananta, Dubai

Ananta’s Master Chef Dirham Haque and his team of vibrant chefs bring to Dubai for the very first time the unique tastes and delicacies from the royal courts of the Nawabs of Lucknow which was formerly Awadh, Nizams of Hyderabad, and the Maharajas of Rajasthan . Their philosophy is to create culinary delights inspired by age old classic recipes, cooking techniques, while incorporating the rich cultural heritage of these royal states in the “Royal Cuisine of India”


Royal Cuisine is an amalgamation of Awadh, Hyderabadi and Rajasthani influences where the finest and rarest spices and ingredients are used to evolve dishes into gastronomic wonders for you to relish.

We opted for the Royal Ananta set menu priced at AED 375 per person. Started with Shuravat  (appetizers) Palak aur anjeer ke kebab, these are delicate aromatic patties of channa dal and spinach, spiced with, fresh figs, blades of mace and saffron. Unique and delicious. Pan Grilled Bhuttey aur pithor ke kebab ( Sweet corn mixed with a mélange of indian spices and gram flour pan grilled to perfection ) and Dudi sharkara kebab ( Marinated picatas of cottage cheese, stuffed with mashed potatoes and nuts, finished on dum )  were sumptuous as well. While I was loving my vegetarian starters, my husband was enjoying the Galouti kebab and Shamshi jhinga.


For main course we really enjoyed the Amrut aur tarbuz ki subzi (Ripe guavas and fresh watermelon cooked with dry ginger and turmeric) and  Aamra murgh musallam, Jhinge ka salan and  Shahi nehari.

I will recommend  this menu. In case you don’t want to opt for a set menu you can also order for the dishes  a la carte as well from the comprehensive menu.

JWD Rating

Cuisine 4.5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Cost 4.5/5

Location 5/5

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