Happiness, Celebrations and Brownies : Brownie Blues

Thanks to my friend Rasha, I discovered this cute place in Jumeirah located at Jumeriah plaza known for its delectable home-baked Brownies. Yes these brownies are just so tasty. On my son’s birthday I decided to order a brownie cake and Brownie gifts for all his friends from Brownie blues. Everybody loved it not only kids but mums thoroughly enjoyed the Brownies.


I should tell you something more about the amazing flavours that they have.  I loved all the ones I tasted: Red Velvet Brownie, Classic Brownie, Ferro Rocher Brownie and Orange Brownie were simply mouthwatering. Classic Brownie is my personal favourite it’s a Chocolate cake baked to perfection with the right inner mix. A deep, dark brew that will blow your mind. Each Brownie they have created have a story behind it from the owner “Arva Abbas” and her family. A sweet family inspiration that makes part of our happy Life. I agree with what Arva said “ A brownie a day keeps ‘frownies’ away”. True that!!

_J3W9351 Brownies on a mat 3

By the way they have a few more interesting flavours like the Rocky Road Brownie , Peanut Butter Brownie, Dates Brownie , Mocha Brownie & Cookies and Cream Brownie. One can customize the order and select a box of 6 pieces with only AED 90 OR 12 pieces for AED 140. You can also order online at https://brownieblues.com/ and add cute messages.

_J3W9552 Thinking of You

_J3W9633 Brownies in the Gift box 3

_J3W9741 Shop Empty 2

Brownies like these can never do wrong. Homemade, delicious and sumptuous: Truly a block of magic.

JWD Ratings 5/5

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