Travel Surprises for you from Merlin Digital

Planning to travel? Well I just got back from a beach travel recently and it wouldn’t have been so easy to capture the moments without a Selfie stick and Smart Wallet that helped me to keep my valuables safe. Let me tell you about both the products as they are very useful and handy.

Smart Wallet priced at AED 350

  • It provides 24/7 protection for valuables. The wireless module inside Smart Wallet connects to any smartphone via the APPX app (available on Google Play and Apple App Store) and reveals its whereabouts up to 150 ft. away. Smart Wallet warns the user when it’s left behind.

Waterproof Selfie Stick priced at AED 295

  • Waterproof Selfie Stick is a premium selfie stick that comes with a waterproof case and multiple connectivity options for attaching Android or Apple smartphones as well as GoPro® cameras. The remote shutter release operates without an app. Ideal for diving/snorkeling adventures.


It definitely makes your travel easy!!! Thanks Merlin Digital.

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