Crab Tavern Dubai: New and Nice

There is no denying that Dubai Media City/TECOM has some of the best joints attracting expatriates with range of cuisines and fun environment.  But for all those who love Sea Food, I have just got the place for you.  It’s called the Crab Tavern, located in Media One Hotel.

You can indulge in Crabs, Shrimps, Oysters, Squids, Lobsters and so much more with some great people and a wonderful atmosphere. I was looking forward to catching up with a friend, who was delighted with the choice of the tavern as it offered us with a lavish menu amidst a calm environment at lunch.








I could not stop marveling at the very pleasing wooden décor while we ordered for a range of starters. The waiter appeared friendly but had difficulty in helping us with the recommendations. I would still give him a pat on the back for trying.  We tried The Soft Shell Crab Burger and (absolutely delicious) Steak & Chips for our mains with the best old bay fries I have ever tasted. The cocktails and coolatas were amazing & by the end of it we were so stuffed, I only squeezed in a couple of bites of the Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream.  I need some intense phrases to describe the experience but I was glad to have not said no to the desserts! (Heard Apple Pie is great too. Shall try next time!)


I would definitely recommend this fantastic place for Crab lovers.

P.S.There isn’t much for the Vegetarians (obviously) except watching your friends who grin at you while enjoying the full spectrum of tastes.  The fries then remain your best support!.”


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