Cavalli Caffè : Wow Experience

Cavalli Caffè at the Beach Mall is by far the best choice for authentic Italian food in town. Amazing décor, great service, scrumptious food and ambience makes up for a wonderful experience at Cavalli Caffè. The Caffè showcases elegant ornamentation, furniture/setting maintaining the signature design of International Fashion Icon-Roberto Cavalli . It is equipped with indoor and outdoor sitting area and truly captures the designer’s passion for sensuality and elegance. His eternal quest for beauty and his renowned combination of fine materials and iconic prints is remarkable . I visited the Caffè with my family and friends and had a great time. In the end, everyone were completely bowled by the experience and had an amazed look on their faces.


Some of the must try picks are Bruschetta, Hummus di Pomodori ( Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus and smoked Paprika oil), Crispy Shrimps in Salsa Verde, Fettucine Porcini with Wild mushrooms and Fresh herbs, Pizza Funghi di Bosco, Red Quinoa salad with shrimps. We loved the Mocktails called Boosters & Purifiers: Super Fuel and Hydrator with Cucumber base it was very refreshing, Red Sand is one of the house specialties and you cant miss this drink.











For desserts we opted for a deluxe mixed platter called Selezione Dolci Cavalli it included Tiramisu, Chocolate Fondant with Pistachio Ice cream, Mixed Berry Crème Brulee and gluten free brownie. SINFUL Yes !!! The Caffè also offers Herbal Teas, Tea Shakes and a selection of coffees. I would say perfect hangout for lunch/dinner, a quick coffee break or even sneaking into the chocolate corner for a date with your partner!!!


A lunch for 4 will cost around between AED 800 to 1,000 with drinks but trust me its worth your money!!!

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