Great Shoes and comfort : Fitflop love

There are some shoes, sandals, boots, clogs that look good with everything and are the one you wear until they fall apart. The best shoes are the one that are comfortable yet cool. I find fitflop to be perfect for a day at run, travel or a walk in the garden. The SS15 FitFlop line-up focuses on the essential summer values of pleasure, relaxation and leisure. With fabulously simple-but-chic ergonomic sandals and clogs, every pair biomechanically engineered with the legendary, pressure-diffusing, shock-absorbing MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ midsole technology – they’ve cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the footwear industry.

For women? Inspiration came from 1950s photos of the carefree days on the French Riviera.


For men? They’ve kept it simple, reinventing the best-selling silhouettes, using a classic palette and just a pinch of the unpredictable.


The shoes I am wearing are from the CHA CHA™ collection (in a very unique navy sparkle!) and my partner picked up a classic two-bar GOGH™ slide (adjustable) in chocolate brown.


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