Pixels : Film Review, Rating 2.5/5

Introducing a new team member who will cover film reviews from now on. Rabindra Dube for #JWDFilmReviews.

And here is the very first review for PIXELS. Do let us know what you think?

Pixels is a sci-fi action comedy film with an ensemble cast including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan. This film is below average; it’s difficult to call it a let-down simply because Chris Columbus (Director) last made anything resembling a splash a decade back with Harry Potter and Adam Sandler, well Adam Sandler has a fan following that is as old and rare as the video game characters in this film. The theme and plot are not original by any standard, but that’s besides the point as movies like these are best viewed from a perspective of what kind of twist the film-maker has themed into the story and how it has been executed. It scores below average and approaching average in these categories – it is a movie that certainly has its moments, especially for men who grew up in the 80s and kids, but overall a passable experience.

Aliens misinterpret a cultural communique from Earth as a declaration of war and descend on the planet in the form of pixelated video game characters from popular arcade games in the 80s (Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga etc.) and a few from the mobile phones of yesteryears (remember Centipede?), Independence Day style, and begin wreaking havoc. Adam Sandler plays Sam Bremer, in his familiar down-on-his-luck dude role, a former gamer and current loser who is recruited by his childhood pal, Will Cooper (Kevin James), playing a barely believable POTUS, who convinces Sam that his old gaming skills are exactly what Earth needs to combat the aliens. Sam is joined by his associates of old, conspiracy-theorist Ludlow (Josh Gad), nemesis Eddie (Peter Dinklage) and love-interest Violet (Michelle Monaghan).

Chris Columbus hasn’t made anything of note for the last decade, a plight he shares with Adam Sandler, and Pixels is unfortunately not going to revive either of their flagging reputations. Kevin James and Josh Gad are watchable but are lost amidst a film with mostly unfunny dialogue. Peter Dinklage further ruins the film and it’s quite difficult to sit through his scenes. I’m a big fan of his from Game of Thrones so I was looking forward to his first foray into comedy, but he is so bad that if I were making the movie, I’d have immediately told Sandler and the others to follow anything said by Dinklage with a wtf face and a putdown. The romance between Sandler and Monaghan begins with Sandler being so creepy that it’s impossible to believe it. The rest of the cast are alright (watch out for Serena Williams, she’s quite good!).

The movie has some vibrant visuals and action sequences and there were understandably a few kids and surprisingly some adults who were whooping through them. On the whole, if you have kids and want to provide some silly entertainment to them for a bit, go for Pixels.

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