Circle Café located at Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza

Let me tell you about a casual dining spot located at Jumeirah in a cute little mall called Beach Park Plaza. Known as “Circle Café”, its a cozy place with a décor filled with books giving an impression of a library where one can savor their well known Bagels.  I visited the Café last week with my family and my son had a gala time exploring it. The service staff was good and they mentioned that the concept of Café is: Simple Good Food. They are the first ones who brought the idea of a “no-bun burger” all the way from California.




Our pick from the small bites were Gaucomole, Tomoato Salsa & Sour Cream with Cajun Chips: a must try, we enjoyed even the Vegetarian rice rolls. They were simple, spice free and healthy. My son Nirvaan relished the Crispy French Fries and Choco Tart with Marsh Mellow. Keep sipping on the Mint Mojito or fresh juices while you enjoy your food.


For salads I would recommend the Falafel Salad served with Tahini sauce  Quinoa & Pumpkin salad. For Main course I opted for Mexican Vegetable Sandwich while my partner enjoyed Corn Fed Baby Chicken. The chicken was well cooked, soft and served with the delicous peri peri sauce. All the dishes we opted for were really good but remember if you like spice than you might not enjoy the bland dishes at  Circle.


For a family of 3 we spent around AED 330 but we packed some food home as the portion size was really good.


Gaucomole with Cajun Chips AED 28

Vege Rice Rolls AED 36

French Fries AED 22

Choco Tart with Marsh Mellow AED 18

Falafel Salad AED 38

Quinoa & Pumpkin salad AED 44

Mexican Vegetabele Sandwitch AED 38

Corn Fed Baby Chicken AED 75

Freshly Seqquezed juices and Mint Mojito AED 26

2 thoughts on “Circle Café located at Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza

  1. The food looks delicious. Do they have other branches aside from Jumeirah Beach Road? I want to try so many things on their menu but I don’t live near there.

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