JiveWithDeepti Turns 3!!!

Celebrations ‪#‎jwdturns3‬. Thank you everyone for being part of it. I feel so blessed!!!

Thank you Kebab Korner for an amazing evening with great food, music and hospitality.

Thank you SS Fashion Photography for capturing the beautiful moments. I loved the pictures.

Thank you Ankriya Creations by Pooja Mankani for creating my wardrobe and Janki Rajpara  for Hair and Make-up from Alisha’s Pro Beauty Store .

Lots of love!!!!!

Inside the PARTY




Cake time (2)

Trisha, Rohan, Aanya, Ajay and Deepti


with Vikita, Munmun and Menka

Mukesh (Owner Kebab Owner with his wife and baby)

Ayesha, Chantelle, Deepti Rochelle Maimona

Hina Karani

Abeera Khan and Deepti

Umesh, Deepti and Mahek

Dhiraj, Rahul. Deepti and Dia

Hairs Munif with Deepti

Serene, Juhi, Deepti and Aaanya

Tina (Owner Oye Punjabi)

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