Modernist Indian Restaurant: The Best Indian Food in town so far: Tresind

After successful launches in India, Executive Chef Himanshu Saini brings a unique concept in molecular gastronomy to Dubai for the very first time with the birth of Tresind: A modern twist to the traditional style and flavours of Indian cuisine, minus the guilt of a heavy meal. Appealing!!

Well the presentation, flavours and texture of the food is surely going to surprise you. This is what I explored at Tresind and got really amazed the way it turned out to be. Simply delectable!!!

Started with Zatar pao with pindi channa hummus and pickled olives and sundried tomatoes; A great pre starter with enhanced Indian flavours, you are surely going to enjoy this. We all have been eating pani puri since childhood well here is a different version of it called the Deconstructed pani puri – A bubble of coriander and mint water with tamarind gel and miniature semolina balls. After this comes the modernist chaat trolley – a live demonstration by the chef of a modern and artistic version of three different types of chaat using liquid nitrogen, it was fun to watch the making and believe me the taste was really good. Whenever you visit Tresind, this chaat is something you should not miss.

Tresind (7) Pani PuriDeconstructed Pani Puri

Tresind (8) Olive and Hummus starter

Zatar pao with pindi channa hummus and pickled olives

Tresind (9)

Chaat Trolley.

Have you eaten Bombay Pav Bhaji? At Tresind get a taste of it with Bhaji minestrone soup, crisp vermicelli, chili cheese pao toast – a minestrone version of bombay pav bhaji which has all the elements of a minestrone, but taste of pav bhaji. Well it didn’t end here and we explored the dahi bhalla ice cream – an ice cream of the famous Indian dahi bhalla, served as a starter. Highly recommended!! Khandvi sorbet with feel and jaggery chutney is again a great appetizer. Honestly I was so full with the starters that I completely skipped the main course but couldn’t stop myself to try the deconstructed black forest cake. Heavenly!

Tresind (2) Pav bhaji soupPhav Bhaji Soup

Tresind (4) dahi BallaDahi Balla 

Tresind in short brings to you Great Food, Good Service, High class quality in an ambience that invites and sets the mood, whether a romantic dinner for two or a night on the town, dressed to impress. Located in the 5 Star Radisson Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Tresind caters to true foodies and connoisseurs, seeking a culinary experience that engages the senses.

Enjoy the making of Deconstructed Black Forest Cake


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