Glam it Up this year with Glamgals Cosmetics

Happy New Year Friends!!! I am all excited to share with you that one Make Up brand I have started to use this Year.  Glamgals Cosmetics: Glam it Up this year!!!

My personal favorites from Glamgals Cosmetics:

Glossy Lipstick/ Lipgloss: Makes one looks like a definite star and creates a perfect sleek wet-look that I am found of.  Its Long stay & Moisturizing formula is Enriched with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E. My favourite colours: Red and Pink: Totally Fashionable and Flaunting. Cost : AED 35

lipsticklipgloss matt

All Matt Primer: Weightless skin smoothing finish that simply blends into your skin. Sits like a second skin on the face smoothing out your complexion. Smoothens the skin out by minimizing the open pores . It’s totally oil free makeup primer  and can easily be blended with a foundation to enhance the mattyfying properties of makeup. Cost : AED 55

all matte primer

Dual Nail polish: I  love the dual functionality of this Nail colour, its perfect: you can go only with colour or mix it up with the glitter. It’s stays for long and dries up fast. One product: multiple results. Cost : AED 35

dual nailpolish

Dual Lipgloss:  Its perfect for someone who wishes to go either matt or glossy. I like it specially for this reason. During day time I keep it simple with the colour and add that shine on for a sparkly evening. Cost : AED 45

dual lipgloss

Touch Blusher: Its smooth and soft, perfect for all day wear and to add it is enriched with Jojoba Oil with a Velvety smooth texture. A must try!!! Cost : AED 55

touch blusher

Eye shadow: Love the long lasting feature of the eye shadow by Glamgals. Choice to experience with the matte look or go wild with the diamond looks. You can choose to buy a single shades or go for a Palette in a pouch with a variety of shades. Cost : AED 29 (single ones)


I am having an awesome start of the year with Glamgals cosmetics. If you try any of the products from Glamgals cosmetics do leave your feedback.

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