Love for Shoes with Propia Scarpa, London

Shoe love can never end…It truly is the “Forever love” story…and here is my new discovery: Propia Scarpa, a women’s footwear brand based in London ; delivering the beautiful shoes around the world.

I ordered for Catalina Taupe Espadrille Wedges and totally loving it, have a look.


Today on Jivewithdeepti we talk to Designer and Creative Director Carmen Sanchez-Cid about her shoe story.

Question 1. Tell us the story behind Propia Scarpa.

I’ve always considered shoes as a very important part of an outfit (one pair of shoes worn with different outfits can change the whole look person).  I wanted to give the shoes the importance they deserve by creating a brand that delivers creative shoes, enabling women to feel unique wearing a shoe that they can wear for any occasion or day to day.  I previously worked in high fashion and then trained in shoe design.  Naturally Spain where I come from has a history of excellent craftsmanship in making shoes and so I decided to put my creative talents to good use by designing shoes, which are made in Spain.

Question 2.   What is your shoe inspiration ?

My inspiration is to make shoes for confident women, who know what they want and feel comfortable in their own skin.  Other inspirations are the beauty that surrounds us, colour, the high quality of materials and craftsmanship.  Also I take inspiration from my travels to other countries, particularly the Mediterranean.

Question 3.   Tell us that one element that you always keep in mind while designing the shoes ?

Who will be wearing the shoes and providing that person with originality, uniqueness, quality and attention to detail.

Question 4.  What do you prefer Flats vs. Wedges ?

Depending on the occasion.  I love both, although personally I wear more flats for everyday life.  That’s why it is so important for me to wear original shoes, in colours and materials that add that finished touch to my everyday outfits.  I like to create interesting looks which differentiate myself.  I also wear wedges a lot in good weather, as they take you from day to the night.

Question 6. Define the brand in few words. 

Creative sophistication for unique women.

Question 7. Whats your Style tip for the coming Festive season?

Daphne Slippers with tuxedo trousers and a blazer with sequins.

DPH-SLP-BRNZ-MSU 1Check out the collection at

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