Fuego: “Enjoy the authentic flavors from Mexico in your D town”

Mexican food and Tequila is a wow combination and Fuego brings it to our town in a perfect mix. The restaurant and bar “Fuego” is located in Souk Al Bahar next to Dubai Mall. I haven’t come across a Mexican restaurant in Dubai that also has the option to choose veg dishes (an exclusive vegetarian menu). This makes Fuego definitely different from the rest. The ambience of Fuego is casual with traditional Mexican patterns and warm terracotta colors.

The name Fuego is inspired by ‘fire’ or ‘flame’ that is found in Mexican cuisine through flavor and sight. The flavor is that of the Mexican chilies used as an ingredient and the sight is through the live flame used in cooking and grilling the food. Interesting isn’t it? The name “Fuego”  truly signifies the Mexican food.

We started our meal with Guacamole and Tacos. I love Guacamole as it’s amazingly tasty and healthy. For starters I would recommend Fuego Sampler and Brocheta’s, both are quite appetizing. Don’t forget to sip on Nacho Libre (watermelon) or Pepe Al Toro (mango). If you don’t drink alcohol try the Virgin Mebnita.



For main course we ordered for the Enchilada Poblano and Fuegi Parillada, both are highly recommended.  The food is as good as the menu promises because it is crafted by the celebrity Chef Anil Kumar and Chef Jose Manuel from Mexico City. They have a selection of the finest Tequilas sourced from Mexico with an intensive list of signature Margaritas and Cocktails. To name a few: Jalapeno Cilantro & Punchless Cinco de mayo.







No meal is complete without dessert and the must try ones at Fuego are Tres Leches, Flan de Coco and Fuego Churro’s.


Fuego is definitely in my top list of restaurants and Mexican Cuisine lovers, this is one place that cannot be missed!!!!

If you have experienced “Fuego” do leave your comments.

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