Sapori di BiCE at Citywalk, Dubai

Recently I happened to visit City Walk at Jumeirah and in no time it has become my favorite location to hang out in Dubai.

CityWalk is a small story in itself with the place lined with restaurants, boutiques and cafes amidst throng of people having fun. Only last weekend I discovered Sapori di BiCE, a beautiful Italian restaurant. Sapori, means “flavours” in italian, and embraces the idea of wholesome Italian food to be enjoyed with family .

The interiors reflects modern and trendy décor with white furnishings that creates a bright and spacious atmosphere while crates of oranges, apples, and lemons, as well as free standing trees and oregano herb pots on the tables add vibrant bursts of color throughout the restaurant.

The founder of Sapori di BiCE Beatrice Ruggeri (BiCE) believed in the concept of a casual eating place for family. The menu features the original recipes of Beatrice: Authentic cuisine from a full Italian culinary team with emphasis on seasonal and fresh ingredients. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is perfect for a hang out with kids as it has a dedicated children’s menu. The restaurant organizes special activities for the children on weekend like the Live Pizza making. Live Cooking Stations make the experience wonderful for kids and adults alike.





The overall food experience reminded me of the farm food that I ate at Lake Como in Italy. Here are some of my favorites that you must try:

  • Freshly baked Italian breads with olives/sundried tomatoes and rosmary focaccia
  • Salad: Belgian endive, gorgonzola cheese and pecan with mustard dressing
  • Wood burning oven for fresh Pizzas
    •  Vegetarian : Pizza with burrata Sun dried tomatoes and fresh oregano
    •  Non Vegetarian : Grilled Chicken Pizza with selection of cheese
  • Roasted Baby Chicken from the live cooking station
  • A Platter of Freshly made Pastas
    •   Risotto ai Funghi
    •   Penne Arrabbiate
    •   Gnocchi di Patate




  • One cannot miss the amazing homemade gelato and Traditional Tiramisu. A must try!!







For those who are health conscious even an organic and gluten free menu is available.

So why should you head to Sapori di BiCE?

  • Fresh baked Italian breads, pastries and pasta
  • Family friendly
  • Live rotisserie serves roast chicken, turkey, lamb, veal and beef
  • Wood burning oven for fresh pizza and bread
  • Dedicated children’s menu
  • Organic and gluten free menu is available
  • Authentic cuisine from a full Italian culinary team
  • Emphasis on seasonal, fresh ingredients
  • Above all, it makes you feel you are in “Italy”

Enjoy your visit. Do write to me about your experiences.


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