Win a Dozen Cup Cakes with Jivewithdeepti and San Bakes!!! in association with San Bakes is giving 2 lucky readers a chance to win a dozen cupcakes each.

San baked her first custom cake just over an year ago for a good friend celebrating his birthday thinking hard could it be??? The result was an edible enough cake that could have definitely looked better so she decided to get better seeing as she had thoroughly enjoyed it.

Friends and colleagues were happy to sample anything and everything she baked and started placing orders since she was so passionate about it.

The name itself ‘San Bakes’ came from the reactions of friends and family who knew she was capable of burning a salad..but to all the unbelievable questions… San Bakes? Yes she says yes…San Bakes!

Home bakes using the best ingredients and designs customized to individual needs this is the place to go to! Delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies are what you will get at San Bakes!

In order to participate simply follow the below rules:

1). Answer the question as a comment to this post.

2). Share the contest post.

3). Participants must like our Facebook page for a valid entry: and!/pages/San-Bakes/631521140238506

Question: Give us a special reason to win these cupcakes.


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Good Luck!!

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49 thoughts on “Win a Dozen Cup Cakes with Jivewithdeepti and San Bakes!!!

  1. I want to win this cupcake… bcz. My daughter is crazy about cakes…so I want to win for her….want to give her surprise!!

  2. Theses cupcakes are lovely and so unique, its my friends birthday coming up and if i won these cupcakes i would surprise him with them and it would make him feel really special, so i really hope i win them and can surprise my friend with them

  3. Its our wedding anniversary this month on the 19th of September. We will be completing 4 lovable years of togetherness. This is a very very special reason to win these cup cakes

  4. Today is my sister’s birthday and on the 22nd is my mum’s. I would like it to be a double celebration like usual but a little different this year and I believe a custom made cake that could capture both their birthdays in a unique theme by a professional would make it very memorable for the whole family. I hope to win it and make that part of my job easier because I know San Bakes has many creative ideas and the cake would be the centre piece of the family celebration.

  5. September 29th happens to be my dearest mom’s b’day and I would like to give a pleasant surprise by presenting her with these delicious looking lovely cupcakes that she could enjoy on her special day ! 🙂

  6. Well as for me, I would like to have a bite of those cupcakes ,to proved tha it is really yummy and delicous as it looks like,,and maybe,,if maybe i would win those cupcakes , I would bring it with me to the Philippines,,as a present to my daughter`s birthday.

  7. We are a cupcake crazy family….and with my son, Veydant’s 10th Birthday coming up next week…winning these beauties would be the icing on the (cup) cake!! 😉

  8. Your my cupcake, sugarplum……Awright now I just love cupcakes n its my brother’s birthday this month so would love to win it for my baby bro. 🙂

  9. It’s 40th wedding anniversary this month and they are here from 8th September. It will really be special and memorable moment to gift them by winning. I really need to win something for them and these special cup cakes will be the best option.

  10. my birthday is this coming 14th.. no special plans, just the usual days.. but when i saw this post, i wanted to win these cupcakes to have something special and yummy on my birthday 😉

  11. Considering have a 10 month old with chicken pox and a better half exposed to the same. A bit of pampering for myself won’t harm while being home bound and attending to a sick family

  12. My sister got engaged just last month and am so happy for her,so why not enjoy this lovely treat from you wishing her on her journey to a wedded life with these designer cupcakes.Looks so tempting,never had them,would love to win it for my sons as they love cupcake.As for me I believe that you need not have any special reason to have San Bakes cupcakes,anytime,everytime ENJOY

  13. Because if I do win, I will share it with everyone I know, and it will not only cheer me up but whoever I share it with! 😀
    After all, sharing is caring right?

  14. My daughter loves baking and tasting delicious form of baking varities.. she is a blogger and writes post on different website about her experience of baking and eating.. I want her to taste san bakes and write her views about it..

  15. We are sweet family,and we love sweet treat always,this cupcakes looks so yummy and colourful,would like to share this yummy cupcakes with my Loved once:)

  16. There are two reasons to win these cupcakes. The first is it’s my birthday month and the second is it’s our love anniversary,11 years of togetherness. This would be a very special treat to celebrate with. ♥♥♥

  17. I love cuppies💖. And got my birthday coming up in the next week this would be a yummy treat to myself😁. Liked and Shared x

  18. I’d love to win since my birthday is here in a couple of days and my sister has been craving for some cupcakes plus my sister just came back home after 4 years so it’ll be a nice treat.

  19. It is my sons 20th birthday on 29th September and I want to make it special. He I will be coming from India. He was not with us for his birthday for the last 2 years.

  20. Is there a special reason even required to eat cupcakes?? I have a crazy sweet tooth & would love this!! Plus I am getting engaged soon. Thoda muh meetha ho jaye angrezi style…;)

  21. I love to enjoy everything made out of passion if love as they r really unique and tasty.As San bakes these cakes completely out of love for baking,these cup cakes must be deliciously yummy.Wanna try these yummliciously yummy treat

  22. I want to treat my younger siter with these cup cakes…she will be so so happy. It will make her smile and this will make my day.

  23. I love to win these as its my Best Childhood Friend’s birthday next week,,, so yes, this would be a great surprise for her because she has a sweet tooth , she just cant resist sweets, hope to win ..

  24. Well I am a cupcake frantic!!!! I just loveeee cupcakes !!! I have visited almost all the cake stores in Dubai and tried different sort of cupcakes !! And i would love to add San Bakes to my list as well !! They looks gorgeous !!!! I hope to get to try them as well !!!

  25. Its my Bday this month. Offcourse my family does make it special for me but it would be great if I can treat them with these little cute cup cakes. Hope to win it for myself:)

  26. Your cupcakes tempt me a lot,I love cupcakes and never tasted yours but those ravishing designs delight my tummy and yes If I do win,I can boast to my freinds of winning this and also sharing these at school with my freinds.Yumm

  27. wow…If I hope to wish win this sweet cupcake to my sweetheart’mother’s birthday on this and my niece r crazy about cake we love different types of’s sweet tasty n creamyyyy….yummy….

  28. October 5 happens to be my dearest mom’s b’day and I would like to give a pleasant surprise by presenting her with these delicious looking lovely cupcakes that she could enjoy on her special day ! :)my mom loves your yammy delicious cake

  29. sure ….I hope to wish win this time n gift sweet cupcake to my sweetheart mother’s birthday on this and my niece r crazy about cake we love different types of’s sweet tasty n creamyyyy….yummy….

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