Love for Fashion with Nova Krishnan

My love for fashion is never ending and I continue to explore different designs to just get the right mix I am looking for…I recently explored the “Haya” collection by Nova Krishnan, former Miss India-UAE, model, and actress. Have a look at the Jacket I am wearing from the collection. It’s simple, elegant and is inspired by Indian and Arabic designs. Just a perfect piece to wear with a little dress or a long elegant flowing skirt.


Photo Credits: @Zaheer Abbas

Her collection offers western ready-to-wear collection as well as accessories for women. It features theatrical and luxurious style and designs; empowering women to feel confident, sensual and exceptionally elegant With a modern approach; the Haya line offers feminine detailing and includes minimal handwork/embroidery, beads/jewels, mirror work, variety of fabric and unique cuts. Simplicity remains at the core of the brands concept, requiring minimum or no jewellery to enhance an outfit. Nova also sees a trend for fusion couture on the rise that creatively fuses traditional and modern designs to give a more bold and trendy wear. Part of the Haya line, Nova showcased ‘Aza’ – a fusion saree, which is a hybrid of a long elegant flowing skirt with pleats/end-piece of saree and pants. Making Indian wear more exotic and easy to wear for everyone; can be worn with a bolero jacket or embroidered tube top.

Have a look at some of the pieces created by her, Do let us know what you think of these?

“Alia” An asymmetrical kurta teamed with harem.

pic 1 nk (1)

“Aza” in Harem – A twist to the traditional saree…. Teaming the blouse with jeweled harems and drapes.

pic 2 NK

“Aden” Drama infused in a scarlet jalabeya with indian mirrored hand embroidery and kundan, pearl jeweled back.

pic 3 NK

“Aza” Saree creating a statement with a twist…. teamed with bolero , belt and harem.

PIC 4 nk

“Ahla” Metallic all the way……..with jeweled neck design.

pic5 nk

Diwali is coming up soon. May be you can head to the boutique at Tecom, Al Barsha to explore her Haya collection.

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