Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at Melia, Bur Dubai: A Fantastic Dining Destination in Dubai

I have come across some great chefs and master cooks but no one can match the extraordinary culinary skills of the celebrated chef, Mr.Sanjeev Kapoor. I have been his fan since childhood taking notes from his television show as he went about revolutionizing cooking in India. Women were glued to his shows as he guided them to the finest of cuisines, changed their styles, coaxed them for unexplored recipes and tantalized the taste buds of their families.

One can relish his dishes in Dubai too at “Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor” and there is no way I could have missed this fine dining restaurant.

Signature has an elegant set up: simple dim lights and the sparkling silver sheets around the restaurant give it a very pleasant look. The food too was innovative with a touch of traditional flavor and the presentation adds to your appetite. If you are fond of trying new dishes this is the place to dine as the food has a modern twist to the taste. The service staff is very helpful and warm. They will make you select the right dish that most definitely suits your palate.

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Melia Dubai

We started the meal with Crispy Papad’s with five different and fairly chutneys made from tomato, mint, pineapple along with pickle and onions. I really liked the presentation and the traditional flavors of the chutneys. We moved to pre-starters called Khass Pani Poori with a refreshing mint and fruit shooter. You would be surprised to know they serve the pani puri with chicken as well. Isnt That Unique!! Who would think of Pani Puri with Chicken?You must try it.

If you eat small portions I would recommend you can skip the pre starters and move to the starters straight. Try the Teekhey Aloo, Dal Galouti /Makai Pakoras if you are a vegetarian or go for Lucknowi Lamb Chops and Galoti. Compliment it with a nice Lemon Grass Sorbet. Sorbet makes you feel light so that you are ready for the main course. While I was sipping on my drink called Kokum Mantra made from Vodka, Tamarind juice, brown sugar & black pepper, I checked the restaurant & the outside sitting area. It’s perfect for a private party and you can have the choice to even do Sheesha there. Soon the main course arrived and I looked at Dum Nariyali Prawns with surprise: It is Tiger prawns simmered in creamy coconut gravy. This is definitely unique in Dubai as I have never seen this way of cooking in any restaurant before. Another favourite of mine is Lalla Mussa Dal, it is slowly cooked in clay pot called the Gharha cooking, It is really delicious and healthy. Eat the dal with some bread or rice to relish the taste. Along with main course don’t forget to sip on to the Passion Fruit Panna.

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Indian food is unfinished without some sweets so I opted to try The Electric Kulfi and White Chocolate Gulab Jamun.Yummy!!!! They are worth it and I would recommend to share the Desserts with your partner after a heavy meal.



 With Chef Akshay Nayyar


 Team Melia


Total Cost for 2 people Approx: AED 400 + Drinks

So when are you treating your family at Signature??? Don’t Miss!

Signing out for now…Keep reading for food, fun and more.

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3 thoughts on “Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at Melia, Bur Dubai: A Fantastic Dining Destination in Dubai

  1. Great service, amazing food and ambience. Signature is for sure one of the places to try for Indian Fusion cusine. My favourite drink is Passion Fruit Panna too. Great review.

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