Salt Cave Spa in Dubai: Unique & Refreshing

I am always on a look out for new exciting things in United Arab Emirates. And this time I happened to come across this unique SALT CAVE SPA located in Wafi Mall, Dubai. It’s the first of its kind providing salt therapy in a man-made salt cave. While you relax in the cave; the Salt Therapy is doing the work on your body mechanically. The whole experience was incredible and highly recommended.

Let me tell you something about the therapy:

Salt Therapy is a completely natural, non-invasive, non-medical, side effect free therapy, where dry salt aerosol of natural salt is passively inhaled in the specially constructed SALT CAVE SPA built by experts.  I was amazed to know there are over 500 salt caves in the world. Interesting isn’t it? Well here are some benefits of Salt Therapy.

For centuries, people have trusted the benefits of salt therapy to relieve respiratory illnesses improve skin conditions and strengthen their immune systems. Today, people of all ages can benefit from the natural healing properties found in natural salt through halo therapy – salt therapy in a man-made salt cave. Children who have received regular salt therapy sessions have stronger health and do not fall ill. They find the environment an adventure and can play at the same time as receiving the immune strengthening salt therapy. Salt therapy is also good for the nervous system and relieves stress as well as anxiety because it is saturated with negative ions. It helps to get rid of various dermatological problems, as salt destroys bad bacteria on the skin.

You can find more details from their website

I did finish the first of my six sessions and felt so refreshed. The best part was that I could sit in the cave in my regular clothes, just close my eyes and forget all my worries. While there is also a kids play area so that you can enjoy the experience without interruptions. The cost of the session was AED 250 and each session is for 45 minutes.


Try it out readers and tell me about your experience!!

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3 thoughts on “Salt Cave Spa in Dubai: Unique & Refreshing

  1. Superb, its true that salt kills negativity. Glad to know its in town. In the to do list.

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