Classy, Chic and the Finest in Town: GQ Bar

Now I have to tell you all about this wonderful place. It’s definitely my new favorite! While Dubai is a city where you can get the best of everything but there is nothing in town that matches the ‘GQ Bar’. Being from the Fashion industry I completely relate to GQ as a brand: Style, Culture, Fashion, Men, Technology & Entertainment sums up GQ.


This weekend I spent hours there little realizing how much time has flown by as I indulged in their great hospitality, wonderful ambience, contemporary cuisines, lip-smacking deserts and innovative cocktails. My favorite is Madagascar Mile. But I would suggest that you leave it on the Bar tender and believe me he will make you the best drink ever. GQ Bar is such a unique combination of Bar, Food and Sheesha. All three under one roof is very rare to find. If you love Sheesha and like to explore new flavors then you must try the Mango Tango flavoured Sheesha. It’s incredible!! .






If you haven’t been there yet head over to the GQ Bar at JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay and explore the exciting milieu. You can enjoy the finest spirits & wines, – the range of champagnes and vodkas are the specialty of the house. Premium cigars and fine single malt whiskeys are also available for the discerning enthusiast.

I am already a Fan and you too will be one once you enter the GQ Bar. For people who have already witnessed this amazing place, do write to me and tell me all about your experience. gives GQ Bar a Thumbs up!

5 thoughts on “Classy, Chic and the Finest in Town: GQ Bar

  1. The drink and deserts look amazing….Mango tango never heard of a sheesha like that. Shall check it out soon.

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