Spadunya Experience : Shine Bright like a Diamond Facial

Hello Friends!! Today I am going to talk about the award-winning Ladies Spa that offers holistic color therapy wellness treatments allowing each individual  to be taken on a journey from the inside out. SPADUNYA!!!

I visited the spa to experience the Shine Bright like a Diamond Facial. This facial is very different from the regular ones. The treatment started with a private therapist color consultation in order to determine the current state of my well-being. The treatment was then tailored as per my requirement, leaving the body, mind and soul in perfect harmony.


They used the Organic Altearah Bio serums in silver for repair and gold for confidence which works on mind, body and spirit. Shine bright like a diamond facial works at many levels according to the consultant. Diamonds reflects the light and they work with color and clarity in this very special facial treatment. The ”diamond” used in the treatment cleans deep and allows the skin’s many layers to heal and clean itself. They focus on fine lines and wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and plumping the skin. And to your surprise the results are instantly visible.

However the consultant advised that the facial gives remarkable results when done with six treatments; there are six effects resulting can show skin 6 years younger.

The price for the treatment is AED1100 for 2hour treatment or AED6000 for a package of Six sessions. You can also avail the package with two take home products for AED6875.

You can talk to the consultant and get it custom-made as per your needs.

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