Interview with the Breast Cancer Survivor: Lara Safar

Q.When did you realize that you have a problem? ‎(Deepti @jivewithdeepti)

Lara: I felt a lump in my left breast which I had ignored at the beginning assuming it was nothing. Until I went for a medical check-up, where I was informed that it was actually a cancerous tumor. It was shocking news as I was 25 years old at that time and didn’t think it was possible to be attained with breast cancer at this age.

Q.How did you overcome the disease? (Deepti @jivewithdeepti)

Lara: I’m thankful ;I caught it on time, hence the importance of early detection. But it had already spread as it was stage 2, though with the right treatment I thankfully survived it. I had to undergo chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy which was a 15 months process all in all.

What was as important as the medication, was the support of my family and my friends.

I was also very positive throughout the phase and always believed that I will overcome it. Maintaining an optimistic spirit is key for undergoing hard things in life.

Q.Who was your support system when you were going through it? (Deepti @jivewithdeepti)

Lara:I am eternally grateful to my family who made it seem so easy. They never showed a sign of sadness or desperation. They were also present and next to me through it all which made me feel safe and hopeful.

My friends also played a big role in making my lifestyle go on as if nothing had changed. And it truly hadn’t.

Q.What is your message for the women today? (Deepti @jivewithdeepti)

Lara: Most women think “this could never happen to me”, “I am still too young”, “I have no family history of breast cancer”. Well that’s what I used to think until I got my reality check.

Getting a check-up takes just a few hours of a lifetime. It is totally worth it as it can undoubtedly save your life.

Q.How are you contributing to the cause? (Deepti @jivewithdeepti)

Lara: By being transparent and sharing my story with all women out there.

And of course by participating to awareness activities such as the Burjuman’s Safe & Sound campaigns.

Q.What is your say on Burjuman Safe and Sound campaign? (Deepti @jivewithdeepti)

Lara: What’s interesting about Burjuman’s Safe & Sound campaigns is the diversity of activities that would appeal to all types of women. From a book sale, to bake sale, and of course the yearly pink walkathon…

But most importantly, the free mammograms they offer to women for the sake of early detection. because this can actually save lives.

Are you taking the 3 steps???


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