Venice – The City Built On Water

You must have surely heard about Venice at some point in your life. As a child I used to hear people talking about the beautiful city of Romance. My fascination grew with this “Living Museum” and I watched all movies without fail that had Venice as its chosen location, wondering if i could ever make it there. Now finally my dream of visiting Venice was coming true. My husband, Rahul and 9 months old baby boy, Nirvaan accompanied me on the trip.

We drove throughout the Italy trip and Venice was the last on cards before we could return to our base at Lake Como near Milan. Driving was fun as one could see the gorgeous unexplored countryside but it can be tiring too as you are new to the roads and there is a lot of traffic. We planned to stay at Venice for two nights and three days. Most people say Venice is a place for newly weds and kids would feel left-out but my baby had an awesome time. He loved the attention of the pretty women on the water taxis; and was excited to play with the flock of pigeons on the Marco Square.

Venice is a unique city as it’s built on water. One has to travel in water buses, water taxis, gondolas or privates boats to reach the Island of the Lagoon. As we reached the mainland of Venice in the afternoon after a 6 hour-long drive from Florence, we parked our car for 3 days in the parking building located near the water taxi terminal. After talking to a few locals and tourists at the docks, we found out it is reasonable to take the Municipality approved water taxis that carries an official yellow sticker on it. We bought a pass for 3 days validity; this pass can be used as many times as you want during that duration. It cost about €30.00 for 48 Hour card and €35.00 for 72 Hour card.

We had booked our hotels from Dubai for the full Italy trip, however it wasn’t a good decision especially for Venice as the hotel was located deep inside the city and moving around with luggage, the baby and pram wasn’t easy. I would recommend readers that one should book a hotel located close to the water taxi station. We were lucky to get help from a local gentleman who guided us to the hotel.

Two days isn’t enough but you can at least see the main tourist attractions of Venice. We explored the famous Church called the “St Mark’s Basilica”, known for its history and beautiful architecture with precious marble work of art. It is located at the “Pizza San Marco”, the Principal public square of Venice. It is the heart of Venice and is located on the banks of the Grand Canal. It is also house to Doge’s Palace; that is built in Venetian Gothic style. You will see hundreds of tourists at this square. It’s simply beautiful to sit by a coffee shop and listen to the traditional rhythmic love songs. It is so serene and soothing to look around and feel the place. Nirvaan again got engrossed with the pigeons, as they darted to and fro around everyone present; while I grabbed a thin crust Pizza at Caffè Aurora. This square is a must visit if you ever travel to Venice. Its uniqueness encompasses you with the monuments, the musical surroundings and the ticktock of the Clock Tower.














Venice is built on water and the Grand Canal shows the exclusivity of the Island. We started from San Marco water station and went through the full route exploring the Grand Canal in the water taxi. One can also choose Gondola thought it’s a bit expensive.

I had never seen a road of water before and was flabbergasted with its beauty, which is encircled by the magnificent architecture and cute little houses. We spent hours on the water taxi. The same evening after dinner we stopped by the Casinò Di Venezia, a beautiful Casino by the canal. Technically one doesn’t pay the entrance fee as you get € 10 back to try your luck. At the reception they took our passports for checking and clicked our pictures for records. People on the casino table were dressed in the best of their jackets and they did have a poker face unlike me. Since we were with the baby we took turns to go to the Casino and played on the roulette wheels. It was my first Casino experience and it wasn’t very exciting as I lost about € 100.














The streets of Venice are a great choice for luxury shopping. One can find all the brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Armani etc. You name the brand and you will find them in the narrow streets. I skipped the shopping as Dubai is the best for shopping, especially for Luxury brands.

Another unique thing I liked about Venice is the Rialto Bridge. This bridge is built beautifully taking you to a walkway that leads to small jewelry shops, murano glass shops, souvenirs and mask shops.













It was our last night in the city and time to bid goodbye to the city that lives on water. We boarded the water taxi one last time and got lost in the mystical beauty as we returned to the mainland Venice. This one trip was truly an unforgettable experience of my life.

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