Shreya Ghoshal Live with ICAI, Dubai Chapter

My love for music is never-ending and my music adventures continue….

Yesterday  evening I happened to witness one of the most talented Bollywood singer Shreya Ghoshal for her Live concert organized by The Chartered Accountants India, Dubai Chapter.

Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian singer – a well-known playback singer in the Bollywood industry. She not only sings in Hindi but in many other Indian languages Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi , Telegu and a few others. I met her in person and must say she is a very down to earth person, simple & sweet. I loved meeting her:)

Shreya Ghoshal sang the best of her music no’s Live. To name a few: Sun Raha Hai Na Tu , Tujme Rab Dhikta Hai, Balma, Jhalla Wallah, Saans, Radha On The Dance Floor, Ooh La La and many more.  Hrishikesh Ranade supported her. The crowd was mesmerized with her beautiful performance and were dancing on her beats. 

A moment captured with her:

photo (9)


One thought on “Shreya Ghoshal Live with ICAI, Dubai Chapter

  1. Even I was present in the concert and she is unbelievably stunning in her simplicity, looks and voice…Hrishikesh Ranade also sang beautifully matching her presence.

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