Mount Rigi: A Breathtaking Experience


Mount Rigi has a breathtaking panoramic view across the Swiss Alps. It falls under the Lake Lucerne region. Also known as the “Queen of the mountains” it’s about 5900 ft. above sea level. Getting to Mount Rigi was one of my most memorable journeys in this trip to Switzerland.

I was worried about taking my 9 months old baby boy to the mountains. The distance and the different modes of transport bothered me. But to my pleasant surprise it was a comfortable ride and he enjoyed every bit of it. Experiencing snow, that too in the month of October was a rare treat.

There is no way one can do justice in putting the pristine beauty of Mountain Rigi down on a blog. I am so short of words. I can only attempt to write my experience & showcase its magnificence through some pictures that I took.

Getting to the top of Mount Rigi- On a cold beautiful morning, we started our journey from Lake Lucerne. The mountain is easily accessible through the efficient Switzerland public transport but we opted for a cruise ride. Along the way we experienced the nature at its best: Gentle meadows, serene bays, spectacular view of creek, and near-vertical cliffs. The cruise ride was very comfortable with the option to choose for lunch on board and comfortable sitting in open and closed area. In about 2 hours we reached Vitznau ((Europe’s first cog railway back in 1871). From Vitznau we took the historic Rigi Bahn mountain cogwheel rail which took us right up to the peak of Rigi Kulm. This was my first experience on a mountain train and I must say it was mind-blowing. We made some friends on our way to Rigi that added to the fun at the top of the mountain. We went in groups to explore the mountain with my baby on the pram silently exploring the view. At the top was a nice restaurant where we had some coffee and snacks. We clicked a lot of pictures and played with snow.

On our way back we decided not to take the mountain train but instead take the panorama cable car to Weggis which made the journey a truly unforgettable experience.

Weggis is a small town on the northern shore of Lake Lucerne. We missed our cruise by 10 minutes from Weggis to Lake Lucerne. Well, a good enough reason to explore Weggis for some more time.

Mark Twain, the renowned poet and writer, said: “Weggis is the most charming place we have ever lived in for repose and restfulness, superb scenery whose beauty undergoes a perpetual change from one miracle to another, yet never runs short of fresh surprises and new inventions. We shall always come here for the summers if we can.” And I completely agree with him.

To our dismay, the boat was cancelled but the tourist office had arranged for a bus for us to go to the nearby railway station and we took a train to come back to Lake Lucerne.

Mount Rigi is a place one would want to go back again and again. Next time I wish to live in Weggis for a longer period and explore Rigi even more closely.

Cost: Before leaving for Switzerland we bought a Swiss pass for 8 days from Dubai travel agent. It was about 400 CHF per person. The trip is fully covered under Swiss Pass with no surcharge irrespective of what mode of transportation you take.

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