Cafe Habana, Dubai

                   Cafe Habana


After New York, Malibu and California; Cafe Habana launches at Souk Al Bahar, Dubai. The Cuban-Mexican style cafe have an open-air terrace and a Cuban feel inside with brickwork and wooden paneling.

On the official launch night yesterday Cafe served its signature dishes cuban sandwich, quesadilla de pollo and beef burger, cigars and amazing cocktails. Music, ambience, host and the crowd, everything was just perfect.

Delicious food and good time is Cafe Habana’s specialty. It’s all about a welcoming environment with  a chilled vibe. I wonder which celebs will turn up at Café Habana Dubai.

It’s the kind of place where old-time neighborhood denizens pull rank on beautiful hipsters for the best tables, and that’s not up for negotiation on anyone’s watch.

Visit : for more details.

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