Geneva – The City of Peace


Geneva is one of the most populated cities in Switzerland. Known as the financial capital of the country, it is also home to the world of fashion, art, culture and numerous international organizations like the Headquarters of United Nations and the Red Cross.

I visited the city in early November, 2012 for 3 days with my family. We stayed at Hotel Warwick – a 4 star Hotel located next to Geneva’s Cornavin Train Station, 250 meters from the lake and only a 6-minute train ride from Geneva Airport. A public transportation pass for the length of stay (tram, shuttle boat, train, bus, airport trains) for hotel guests is provided free of charge on check-in. This location is very well-connected with the public transportation. The hotel is home to restaurant Téséo that serves seasonal mouth-watering Swiss and international cuisine.

Geneva is a very quiet city. You hardly see people on road after 8 PM. We met few local residents and learned a bit about Geneva’s culture. They follow the “Early to bed, early to rise” policy in their life. They are very active in sports & adventure. A very different culture, probably I can live at such a place only after retirement as it is so calm and peaceful.

During my stay I loved the dock side of Lake Geneva, the green parks, the old museums and the fashion boutiques as they are an open invitation to a leisurely ramble. One can get lost in this labyrinth of stores.

To my surprise Geneva’s transport system is mind-blowing with Tram/ Bus every 4 minutes. The Taxis are expensive and are used rarely by the tourists. In fact it’s very rare to find a taxi without calling for the Taxi phone. The residents of Geneva spoke many languages: French, German, Swiss, Italian, English and we also came across some Russian and Arabic speaking tourists. In the local trams there was a Russian singer who mesmerized us with his mellifluous voice.

There were many places to visit in Geneva. Here are some of my favorite picks:

Beverly Hills of Geneva, The most beautiful part of Geneva, little away from the metropolis but worth a visit with its 360 degree view of the city, villas with massive gardens and swimming pools. We drove around these grandiose hills with a friend a Resident of Geneva. She stopped at a beautiful site, where we had an eagle eye view of the city and the beautiful mountains.

Old Town is the historical part of beautiful Geneva with some expensive houses, lots of shopping stores/shops, eating joints, cathedral and some famous Swiss specialty restaurants. It is close to the Geneva Lake with the famous fountain of Geneva. Near the lake are the famous luxury shops like Bulgari, Chanel, LV, Gucci, Armani and many others at “Rue De Rhone”. Also it offers luxury apartments near the Rhone River.

Area of United Nations and the vicinity The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) is housed in the Palais des Nations, an outstanding testimony to twentieth century architecture, situated in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Geneva, with a splendid view of the Alps. For lovers of art, this is a place to visit. It also represents a place of peace and war. There were some refugee camps on the site and the famous broken chair outside the UN, a picturesque spot.

Here are some beautiful pictures of the city:

geneva 5

geneva 4

geneva 3



geneva 2


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