The Famous Golden Panoramic Train – Switzerland

Golden panoramic train presents the most scenic view of Switzerland that starts from Lucerne and reaches Geneva via Interlaken and Monteux. It covers approximately 150 miles showcasing its gorgeous beauty.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog that Swiss public transportation is outstanding. I experienced it again in this journey. Our route had 4 changes to reach Geneva and the transport was available at all stops back to back without any delay. We had to quickly move from one train to another.

  • Lucerne to Interlaken (Change), Interlaken to Zweisimmen (Change), Zweisimmen to Monteux (Change), and the last one from Monteux to Lake Geneva.

The Golden Panoramic train is covered under the Swiss pass system and you need not shell out anything extra unless you prefer to reserve a seat at an extra cost. We were lucky to get the best seats without any reservations. The train staff was serving alcohol and food on board at an additional cost.

The Golden pass train is very comfortable and had huge panoramic windows that gave us a full view of the countryside. The more I observed the more I felt the spiritual harmony and beauty of the landscape. It felt like a peaceful sanctuary amidst the different shades of green, the huts, the grains, the barns, the ponds, the meadows, the men and their horses, thicket of bushes and trees welcoming the coming autumn. We crossed the famous Swiss cheese factory on our way to Monteux. The route of Zweisimmen to Monteux was the most attractive where the train ascends above the lake and passes through a tunnel. Coming out of the other end, you find yourself among alpine forests, sparkling mountain springs and picturesque mountain villages. The train continues to Monteux, transporting you through fairytale landscapes. If you are visiting Switzerland this train ride should be in your to-do list.

Cost: Golden Panoramic train is fully covered under Swiss Pass. Before leaving for Switzerland we bought a Swiss pass for 8 days from Dubai travel agent. It was about 400 CHF per person and we had access to all the tourist places.


















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