Buggy Ride in the Dry Mountains, UAE


Wadi’s of Ras Al Khaimah, Dibba, Fujairah

Like most of you, I live in a concrete Jungle. I see, amidst the chaos, mammoth amalgamation of steel, cement & aggregate standing defiantly. Suddenly, these overbearing structures had started making me uncomfortable. Flats, staircases, elevators, offices, tunnels, cars, metro were making me claustrophobic. It was this urge to be far away from the illuminated wilderness that I decided to take a buggy ride at Ras Al Khaimah (one of the seven emirates in United Arab Emirates).

We drove from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah by car; it was a beautiful drive of one and a half hour. We reached Ras Al Khaimah at 12pm to start our journey to the top of the Rocky Mountains. The tour was arranged by a professional local rider who has been riding buggies in the mountains and the desert for many years.

The guide gave us safety briefing instructions before starting the ride. One more couple from Finland was accompanying us for the expedition. They were in UAE to explore the adventure and the luxury this beautiful desert city offered.

The Buggy was safeguarded with the Roll Bars, seat belts and side doors and we were all set to begin with our Helmets and goggles for the 3 hour tour.

For the first half hour the ride was not very rough. It felt like a smooth road and the buggy itself added the fun to it. For the first hour my partner was riding the buggy and I was capturing the scenic Rocky Mountains. After an hour we stopped at a small village farm-house to grab our meal. It was a farm of a local resident who was friends with the rider. It gave me a feel as if I am in a small village of Rajasthan (India), dry sandy mountains all around, no water to be seen but the farm was green and it had a small water irrigation system fixed. We ate a refreshing vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal. As soon as we all finished the meal, the caretaker of the farm offered us kawa – the traditional Arabic tea. It was indeed refreshing & we were all charged for the remaining experience!!!

We started from the farm in 30 minutes to enjoy the rocky mountain views, driving through it and reaching up to a height of 600 meters. Now I started riding the buggy. We did racing with the fellow riders, jumped big stones, drove through steep routes and soaked ourselves in the mountain sand. I had never thought how beautiful a dry mountain can be until we reached the top of the Wadi.

The ride back was very cold but fantastic. More pictures of the experience can be found on   https://www.facebook.com/JiveWithDeepti

To sum up my experience in two words Adventurous and picturesque.

Things to note for this experience:

Age/Vital Information: Ideally 16 years and above

Cost: AED 550 for 3 hours for a couple

Overall Experience Ratings / Cost: 7/10

(Rating comprises parameters: Accessibility, Hospitality, Cost and the experience.)

Contact person to book this experience: Kareem Al Bloushi, +971 502232248

Website: www.uaebuggyadventures.com

Also follow Deepti on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JiveWithDeepti

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